Ereignisse in Toskana: Detail

Vom 11 Mai 2014 bis 31 Oktober 2014


Visit Fattoria Dianella in Vinci with wine tasting

The Dianella wines tradition dates back to the end of 1700, as stated in the works of the poet Renato Fucini, that lives his life in the Estate. Since 1900 the Chianti Dianella is known all over Italy and present on the tables of the most famous taverns and restaurants. Moreover during the 60?s the Chianti Dianella was offered by the Italian President Mr Gronchi in the menu of the official reception at the Quirinale the Italian President Residence in Roma.
The will to transmit their passion for wines brought Francesco and Veronica Passerin d'Entrèves to create a museum dedicated to the process of wine-making in the ancient historical cellars of the Fattoria Dianella.

The goal is to allow visitors the opportunity to discover every single moment of farm life, from the grape harvest to olive picking and the wine production and aging phases.



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